Fulham - Fulham 1 Spurs 3
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Fulham 1 Spurs 3

Fulham may have lost today and the score may have flattered Spurs, but the heart shown will stand us in good stead for the remainder of the season.

Martin Jol, facing the side he used to manage before being unceremoniously dumped in October 2007, would have been devastated to lose his current form striker, Andy Johnson, through injury in the build up to the game.

Moussa Dembele, who missed the 4-1 demolition of Wisla Kracow in midweek, through suspension, returned to the starting eleven although Bryan Ruiz could only make the bench. Absent through injury were Aaron Hughes, Philippe Senderos and the ex-Spurs player, Simon Davies.

Sours, in a garish purple kit, got the action under way but it was Fulham who almost opened the scoring. From a corner Freidel reacted marvellously to keep out a Sidwell header close to the line. The Spurs keeper then had to react well to thwart Duff as he tried to get onto Dempsey`s through ball.

Fulham`s bright start though came to a shuddering halt in the tenth minute when Chris Baird put through his own goal. Against the run-of-play, Walker burst down the flank, played to Lennon and then Baird was, unfortunately, on hand to turn in the cross-cum-shot from Bale.

Fulham 0 Spurs 1 (Baird og - 10 minutes)

Fulham responded well though and Freidel was forced into another smart save to keep out a dipping cross from Riise. Parker; caught by the flailing elbow of Steve Sidwell, required treatment for a bloodied nose, Sidwell then put Dempsey through but his effort was rather tame and Freidel made a comfortable save.

Fulham looked to be the more likely team to get the next goal with Spurs, once in possession, content to take the sting out of the game. Having forced a free kick, Murphy`s delightful ball in towards Dempsey was well cleared by Adebayor.

But, just as you thought Fulham could get back into this one, Spurs scored a second goal on the stroke of half time and a decent goal it was too. Lennon exchanged passes with Bale before shimmying past Baird and beating Schwarzer with a shot that went in off the far post.

Fulham 0 Spurs 2 (Lennon - 45+1 minutes)

Matters were compounded for Fulham when Grygera appeared to get his studs stuck in the turf and twist a knee with the cries of pain being heard all around Craven Cottage. Sadly, the player was to leave the pitch on a stretcher.

Half Time - Fulham 0 Spurs 2

Having lost Grygera to injury, Stephen Kelly was introduced at the start of the second half.

Spurs started well with Van der Vaart involved in a move that saw Schwarzer save an effort from Bale. Fulham, knowing they had to reduce the arrears to stand any chance of taking anything from this game, saw Freidel deny them again, this time producing a top-rank save to thwart a header from Hangeland.

An element of luck kept the score at 2-0 when Zamora`s effort was deflected over the bar by Kaboul. But respite was momentary for Spurs when Kaboul put through his own net just two minutes after the previous incident. Murphy delivered another decent corner and King headed it against Kaboul and in the net it came to rest.

Fulham 1 Spurs 2 (Kaboul og - 57 minutes)

Pushing forward, Fulham almost drew level when Freidel, once again, produced a decent save, this time to deny Dembele after some good work from Zamora.

A free kick, on the edge of the area, looked to be destined for Murphy but the ball was worked to Baird and Freidel produced another great save to keep out his fierce shot.

As we started to fear time was running out, Jol introduced Ruiz in place of a tiring Duff. Fulham continued to push Spurs back Ruiz slipped the perfect ball through to Dempsey and even though he rounded Freidel the ball just wouldn`t go in with King clearing it off the line.

A final throw of the dice saw Etuhu brought on for Murphy. Freidel meanwhile, continued to defy Fulham, this time saving a Dempsey header from a Kelly cross. Dembele then fed Zamora but his shot wasn`t testing enough to beat the outstanding Freidel.

As we entered the final five of the ninety minutes, Parker blocked a shot from Ruiz, a late free kick gave us one last chance but the delivery, from Ruiz, was woeful. Four minutes of stoppage time were announced but Fulham just couldn`t create that one last clear-cut chance to beat Freidel, when they did, it was Modric who hacked a Dempsey effort of the line.

Just to rub salt into the wounds, Spurs nicked a third. In the fifth minute of stoppage time Defoe hit a sweet volley from an Adebayor assist and it was game over.

Fulham 1 Spurs 3 (Defoe - 90 + 5 minutes)

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The Journalist

Writer: Andrew Joyce  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday November 6 2011

Time: 6:06PM

Your Comments

Phew !!! Must say that second goal from Lennon was worth the victory itself !!!!
You were definitely robbed. Great performance by Fulham, rubbish by us. Having been on the other end of results like this in seasons past I know how it feels. Your performance should give you great heart though, except for the final ball but you should beat most teams playing like that.
That game didnt do any good for Harrys heart. You guys were so unlucky.
got to say, lad, Fulham deserved the three points today. Tough loss. And love Martin Jol.
Total knobhead
Feel so sorry for you guys, to say you were victimes of robbery, mugging & rape with some GBH thrown in, is an understatement! Another day & you would have won that easily, we were that poor. Nice to see other Spurs on here comiserating with you, as they've said, we've been there & it ain't nice.

You must be absolutely gutted!
You just couldn't get past Friedel who was outstanding
Tiny T
We might consider playing TWO halves for a change and see if that works a little better. It's becoming all too common - poor first half followed by a much better second. Unlucky not to come away with something today, but what can you do?
I can only echo the views of the other Spurs fans on here, you were the better side and deserved at least a point. Good luck with the rest of the season and hopefully we'll meet you again in the finals of the Europa League.
Gilzean's Bald Spot
Deserved A point. Fulham deserved all 3 !! Played us off the park !!
"at least dick turpan wore a mask" "we were robbed" blah blah blah blah....look at the scoreline.....only 1 team deserved the win. Tottenham....we went to your ground and scored 3 goals. end of argument.
Lillywhites101, would you have been saying the same about Fulham if we'd rightly lost that match 3-1? No, you wouldn't

Sorry fella, you lack a realism, as you will have experienced exactly the same as Fulham fans as a Spurs supporter being on the end of similar results & therefore your comments are hypocritical.

This must be Vital Spurs second site judging by all the comments from Spurs fans and the absence of Fulham fans
lack realism? did we not go away from home and score 3 goals? wake up u muppet
Respect to you guys, as others have stated, for TOO many years Spurs have been on the receiving end of such a kick in the teeth. 31 shots ffs, thats nuts. Under BMJ you have a GREAT Manager & 1 who with only a few new players will have you in great shape for many years to come (your already in good shape ofc).

On a separate note I hope Grygera isn't out for long, I've always rated him & although 31 still has much to offer you guys. Get well soon fella, oh yeah MJ we still love you & wishing you the best with Fulham.
True Spurs Supporter
Wake up!!?? Are you serious?

Listen, the REALISTIC view of this game is that we shouldn't have won it, NOT your stupid view that the right team deserved to win, thats such a pathetic statement. So by your myopic viewpoint, when the Pedro Mendes goal at Old Trafford was disallowed, Utd deserved their point. You won't find any of us agreeing with you there & I doubt you believe that either.

I suppose the Walker penalty shout was correct & the Parker one wasn't in your view. You can't have it both ways, thats where your lack of realism comes from, along with your failure to acknowledge that on the balance of play & chances created, we didn't deserve 3 points. On another day or against a better team we could have been spanked with that display.

Sorry fella, your attitude in the face of the truth does you no favours & merely serves to deliberately & unnecessarily upset fans of other clubs

And I'm the muppet? Grow up son.

Topspur1, sadly there are only 5 members registered for the Vital Fulham site.

Tell you what lillywhites101, go on Vital Spurs & make the same statement, sit back & watch the $hit come flying at you!

I norice that you haven't made a single post on VS about the Fulham game, neither before or after. What do you think that says about you?

what sad pathetic c$unt you are!!! the pedro mendes goal? me posting or not posting on the fulham thread on VS? what?? lol....i will repeat again....we went away from home and scored 3 goals!!!! that is why we deserved to win. any team who goes away and scores 3 goals, deserves the win....i dont wanna hear about how many shots fulham had or about dodgey decisions by the ref!!! they conceded 3 goals at home and thats why they got nothing!!!! now why dont you run along and get back to checking posts or a lack of them!!! sad fool.
You can't defend your position or respond in any way to the points I raise, so you indulge in personal abuse, the 1st resort of the "I'm right, you're wrong, end of" bigot. You don't want to hear about dodgy decisions etc.? More like you don't want facts getting in the way of your own prejudices & won't tolerate anyone having an opinion that differs from yours. How DARE anyone criticise your opinion!

Your attituded reflects that of the archetypal bigot who can say & do what he likes, but anyone who disagrees with him is out of order.

This is the last comment I'm going to make as its clearly impossible to reason with you. You & everyone else reading this exchance, will note that I have haven't lowered myself to the levels of personal abuse that you have.

clap clap......go and get yourself a large medal that states "moral supieriorty" pathetic..... what on earth are u on about? i cant defend my position? my position is that we bagged 3 goals and because of that deserved the win. is that not what happened? doomsdayers like you seem to flock to "support" THFC...i mean why take the positives when u can just wallow in the negatives!!
Great performances from the lads. Their really starting to click with Jol's tactics. He just needs to sort out the away woes and then we'll be sorted.
Riverside Chanter
OK, lillywhites, this will definately be my very last response to you & if you still don't get it after this that'll be your problem.

First, I'll respond to your statement of fact that we scored 3 goals to their 1. Now, as I tried to say, in my opinion, that stat doesn't automatically mean that we deserved to win the game. Your statement that it does is too simplistic, which is fine up to a point, but it ignores the overall picture of the ENTIRE match, that was my point.

The points I raised that you haven't been able to respond to:

I asked you the question of whether you would have felt the same if we'd been on the receiving end of that game. In other words, if we'd played like Fulham at WHL & they'd played like us & won 3-1, would your opinion be different? Yes or No?

Regarding the Mendes goal, I asked you, in the light of your saying we deserved our win yesterday, whether Manure deserved the point they got that night? Yes or No?

With the 2 penalty incidents, I suspected, based on you apparent stance on the game, that you probably thought the Walker shout was right & the Parker shout wrong. Am I right or wrong?

If I'm a sad fool for recognising that despite getting a very good result, we didn't deserve to win that game due to a very poor performance, then yes I'm a fool. However its a realistic view which you will find overwhelmingly reflected on VS, so are they all fools as well? You clearly haven't read any of my previous postings on VS otherwise you'd know the last thing I am is a doomsdayer as you call it & that I never wallow in negatives. All I & lots of other VS members do is recognise our shortcomings & try to comment about them in a constructive way like mates down the pub. You seem to see things in a more simplistic, black or white fashion, which is fine by me. Its just a shame that you fire off in a derogatory manner at those who disagree with your opinion.

If you think that means I have some sort of "moral superiority", then I'm guilty as charged, but I won't make any apologies for it.

garish purple kit??? are you serious?
you are asking me to respond to a hypothetical siuation in which if the game was played at whl and we'd lost 3-1 after playing well, etc etc etc etc..if, if , if , if.....as the sayin goes if my auntie had balls she'd be my uncle....the thing is it wasnt at whl.....we didnt lose.....get over it... and the mendes goal at united? im not even going to go there with that 1! stick to yesterdays game...fulham had 26? shots on goal...and only found the back of the net through a spurs OG..... spurs had 8 shots on goal and scored 3 times....sorrt, but thats the long and short of it! mite be black and white as you say, but its the truth!....fulham put us under alot of pressure, that was obvious for everyone to see, but im sorry, if you have 26 shots on goal and cant score, AND also let in 3 goals, you absolutely deserve to get nothing from the match!!
Where the hell did you grow up to hear the saying 'If my auntie had balls she'd be my uncle'?
Riverside Chanter
Fair enough.
Riverside Chanter
reading this was almost as much fun as the match. Supporting Spurs and Fulham will always be full of frustration. What are the alternatives? arseanal and Chelski, no thanks. I'd like to see Spurs, QPR and Fulham all rise above those other two imposters. And on recent form it could actually happen. I'm predicting a few miracles this season and the fall of a few former giants. COYS
Pri(ks, like 101 give Spurs fans a bad name.
Tottenham Hotcore
I agree with lilywhites101 geezer who elbowed parker should of got sent off the ginger ***** barged him off the ball again towards the end. that was a penalty did we moan about it NO! suck it up c/o/y/s
Hypothetical or not, you're still dodging the question, so let me put it as simply as I can. IF you were a Fulham fan would you still think Spurs deserved to win? I'd be very surpried if you did, because I & most others, certainly wouldn't. If you still do, I have no answer to that & we will have to agree to disagree which is how it should be between fellow Spurs.

Hey, at least you weren't personal with me this time, & I thank you for that. Cheers fella.

Lillywhites oh dear ! C'mon you must back yourself up better then that son, to just avoid questions asked makes you sound like a spineless politician (Im sure your not !). I think the score is 6-1 to Spuds (your 1 comes from your classic quote referring to Auntie requiring certain apparatus so that she is in fact your Uncle ! Lmao but it says something when your point comes from nothing football related). Spuds gave you an opportunity to show wit or intelligence sadly your quote is all you managed !

Riverside how posh are you ? How can you grow up in London & never hear that saying ???
True Spurs Supporter
Riverside, soooo sorry for the embarrassing way some Yids have taken over the Fulham site for a private argument about Spurs! Asidefrom that, Jol is a fantastic manager, simply needs a club to give him the freedom to make his owns transfers, build his own squad etc, at Fulham he may well get that chance, and I have no doubt at all that when he does he'll shine! Many at Spurs would still want him here!
The Horses Mouth
I've been living under a rock apparently. Besides, we've all got to become posh based on the rising season ticket prices mate.
Riverside Chanter
lads i havent avoided anything!! we clearly see the game differently. im still of the firm opinion we completely 100% deserved our victory.......if you on the other hand, think a team who conceded 3 goals at home and also couldnt convert 26 shots on target into a goal, deserved more from the end result, then thats your opinion! but it baffles me!!
I think the argument changed to what everyone's definition of deserving means.
Riverside Chanter
Got in one Riverside

Lillywhites, now you're getting it & have moved on from abusively gainsaying your opinion as fact & have finally come up with good reasons supporting your point of view & I can understand why you're baffled. Thats what makes forum debate so enjoyable, people arguing their point by engaging each other in discussion.

Horses, unfortunately thats what happens, I could hardly invite him over to VS to continue, everyone would wonder what the F'king hell we were on about! Unfortunately with only 5 members VF has probably never had so many posts on a single article! ;-)

Who knows, maybe other Fulham fans will see what a great forum Vital Football can be & join VF. Mind you, equally they might be put off for life! ;-)

I tend to agree with lillywhites viewpoint. I agree that Fulham put us under a lot of pressure especially in the second half and it must have infuriated their supporters that they got no reward, but football is not scored on possession, territorial advantage or even the number of corners or penalty shouts you get - It's about goals. Fulham played an entertaining and attractive game but conceded three goals and (apart from us gifting them an og) failed to score themselves. So Lillywhites I make you right. We were outplayed in the second half but managed to hang on - so (imho) we deserved the win.
Thanks for the entertaining reply's... Not even mastercard could buy this sh(t... You both have very valid points (it just depends on how your point of view) I understand your argument Spuds... But Lillywhites... You the *****ing Man!!! I totally agree with you... How crap (or unlucky) do you have to be not to score with all that chances. On the other hand... What a marvellous defensive display by the Yids.... C O Y S!!!

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